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About the Dutch Arbitration Association (DAA)

The DAA was established to bring together all those who share an interest in arbitration in the Netherlands. The DAA is not an arbitration institute, but an association for all practioners, inhouse lawyers, academics and students, arbitrators and staff members of arbitration institutes with a focus on arbitration in the Netherlands. The DAA promotes arbitration as a proper method of national and international dispute resolution and promotes the Netherlands as a venue for arbitration. The DAA also wants to play a role in the dissemination of knowledge about arbitration in general and about arbitration in the Netherlands in particular. For this purpose the DAA intends to organize two conferences per year. It may also distribute newsletters, brochures or position papers. The DAA is there to assist and advise Dutch policy makers to make sure that the Dutch arbitration legislation remains modern and lives up to the expectations of (potential) users of arbitration in the Netherlands.